Fatal Diving Accident Leads To A Wrongful Death Suit

Picture of a life preserverAugust 19, 2015, a seaman was servicing an underwater structure when a section of platform came free and pinned him underwater. He suffered injuries that eventually took his life, and left his wife and child alone to fend for themselves. How will they get by after this fatal diving accident, and are they protected by the law?

What Can The Diver’s Family Do?

The wife and son of this fallen diver have filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Louisiana. They accuse the owner of the service vessel Swiber Quetzal of maritime negligence and they seek compensation for medical and funeral expenses, plus loss of care, love, services and support. They say the victim was not provided proper equipment, manpower, or instruction to make the workplace safe.

Why Is It Important To Contact An Attorney After A Fatal Diving Accident?

Since this tragedy happened at sea, this grieving family must contend with not only the defendants but with maritime law. Special laws govern what happens on the high seas, so it is always important to have an attorney that understands these laws. This woman and her son are pursuing their lawsuit using the Death on the High Seas Act, the General Maritime Act and the Jones Act, but there are many other maritime laws that workers need to be aware of.

Our attorneys have experience helping seamen and their families get compensation for the injuries they sustained both at sea and on the docks. Visit our maritime accidents page to find out more about your rights at sea, and keep following our blog for more information that could help you if you are injured.

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