Father Alleges Disabled Son Died at Health Care Facility Due to Negligence

Picture of a Wrongful DeathA father has sued an Orleans Parish health care facility alleging that his mentally disabled son died on the staff’s watch. The plaintiff’s son had autism and was mentally disabled. He resided at the defendant’s facility, The New Orleans Home for Incurables, when he died.

The complaint states that the son required constant aid and care from the home’s staff. He was unable to perform regular daily tasks such as eating and drinking unassisted. At one point in his stay at the home, he was admitted to a care center via ambulance with signs of dehydration and discharged to the home. The staff at the home allegedly failed to care for him over the next several months. He died in November 2014.

The complaint accuses the home of negligence, breach of the standard of care and overall gross negligence for its neglect of the man who passed away. His father is seeking all appropriate relief, including court costs and legal fees.

Abuse in Homes for Those with Disabilities

The National Adult Protective Services defines several different types of abuse, including physical, emotional, neglect, isolation, abandonment and sexual abuse. When the staff members of a home for the disabled commit these acts, it is possible to file suit against them for negligence.

If you become aware of any form of abuse that your loved one is suffering in a home for the disabled, speak to a personal injury attorney to discuss the best options moving forward.


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