Could Guardrails Have Prevented this Louisiana Bus Crash?

Keep your children safe from tip-over accidentsA recent Louisiana bus accident has people debating whether guardrails along canals could prevent injuries to citizens. The accident happened the first week of September. A school bus was carrying children in the city of Metairie when the driver lost control of the vehicle.

The bus went off the road and into one of the city’s drainage canals. Reports say that two of the children were injured. Emergency responders were on the scene promptly and were able to provide the help passengers needed. Both of the of injured children are expected to recover well.

Witnesses say that the bus was attempting a U-turn. It steered too close to the end of the canal and started to slip. After that, the incline of the canal slid the vehicle the rest of the way. The bus was reported to have had 34 children on board.

Could Guardrails Have Prevented this Bus Accident?

The accident has renewed a debate about whether canals should be protected with guardrails to prevent cars from sliding in. Many of the citizens who watched the bus crash believe that a railing would have caused the bus to continue on the road with minimal impact.

Members of the city council are now discussing the possibility of building rails along the canals, especially near school areas.

A recent study by the local government shows that it would cost $100 million to install railings along the four canals that run through the city’s main streets. Members of the city council have already proposed measures that would start a project that focused first on areas with a large amount of traffic.

Only time will tell if the city will decide to install the railings, but if the program is successful, it could encourage other Louisiana towns to take similar precautions on their streets.

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