Are You Guilty of This Common Driving Habit?

Eating and driving is a popular but dangerous habitTexting and driving has gained national media attention over the last few years for causing tens of thousands of accidents across the country. While the media puts a heavy focus on texting and driving (or using apps while driving), also consider that eating behind the wheel is also dangerous.

Some studies argue that eating behind the wheel is more dangerous than texting and driving. A study conducted by the University of Leeds found that drivers munching on food had reactions times 44 percent slower than usual. Drivers on mobile phones were 37.4 percent slower.

An additional study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded eating and driving increases the risk of a car accident by 80 percent. The same study found that 65 percent of near-miss accidents were caused by drivers fidgeting with food or drinks.

If you are reading this and regularly eat while driving, the good news is that there are easy ways to find rest stops. Instead of eating while driving, pull over at one of these rest stops, finish your meal, and then continue on your journey. If you are driving a short distance, there are no good excuses to eat and drive. Please just wait until you arrive at your destination.

Eating and Driving is Dangerous, Just Use Google Maps to Find Rest Stops!

Late last year, Google Maps updated its mobile app to allow users to plan stops along their routes. Simply plug your route into the app, and then use the overflow button at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. You can select places to eat, gas stations, grocery stores, coffee shops and other stops. Just be sure to pull over before using the app to plan on where you are going to stop.


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