The Hidden Dangers of Electronic Cigarettes

Consumer products can have permanent consequencesElectronic cigarettes have become popular alternatives for smokers who have parted ways with tobacco. However, electronic cigarettes have serious consequences for some users.

Electronic cigarettes are lithium battery powered devices that heat flavored nicotine liquid. Recently, some of these devices have exploded on users, causing fires and catastrophic injuries. For example, a Colorado Springs man was using his electronic cigarette when it exploded in his face, knocking out his teeth and causing severe facial burns. The force of the blast was so powerful, it fractured his spine.

In another case, an electronic cigarette blew up in the face of an Oklahoma man and caused severe lacerations to his forehead.

Although these cases are uncommon, electronic cigarette explosions can have life-changing consequences. The Colorado Springs man we mentioned may never walk again. Others have permanent scarring from burns. So why do these explosions happen?

The Causes Behind Electronic Cigarette Explosions

Electronic cigarette explosions occur when lithium ion batteries overheat and become unstable. Lithium ion batteries can become unstable for several reasons, such as manufacturer error, incompatible device chargers and unsafe use. However, two of these problems should be easy to fix.

Unlike many other products that use lithium ion batteries, electronic cigarettes are not regulated. There are no regulations that would require mechanisms to keep the batteries from overheating and exploding. Manufacturers overseas and sellers in the U.S. are not held to any standard of safety, and until that day comes, it is possible we will continue to see more injuries caused by electronic cigarette explosions.


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