This Highway That Runs Through Louisiana is One of the Nation’s Most Dangerous

Can speeding trucks be stopped?

Can speeding trucks be stopped?It stretches from sea to shining sea and it passes right through Louisiana. But did you know that it is one of the most dangerous freeways in the United States? I’m talking, of course, about Interstate-10. The freeway runs through many cities in Louisiana, primarily in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes and, according to a study, the most dangerous portion of the entire highway is that part that runs through New Orleans.

Researchers with ValuePenguin said that in the last five years, I-10 has seen more than 1,300 deadly accidents across the country. The highest concentration of them – 89 fatalities in all – happened in New Orleans.

A good percentage of these fatal accidents occur in conditions where there is little to no light. Of the 208 fatal accidents recorded in Louisiana, 84 happened in areas with little light.

The primary causes of accidents, according to Louisiana State Police, are speeding as well impaired or distracted drivers.

How Can I Stay Safe While Driving on I-10?

As one of the major roadways that run through Louisiana, it is difficult to avoid I-10 completely. As such, if you must drive on I-10, follow some basic safety rules. Take it easy and keep your speed manageable. Pay close attention to your surroundings, especially other drivers. If you see a driver that seems distracted or impaired, keep out of that driver’s way. Keep your cell phone out of reach and your eyes on the road.

Stricter laws and advances in technology, including increasingly autonomous vehicles and car-to-car communication, may eventually help make a dent in the high rates of accidents on I-10, but until then, it is up to each driver to remain vigilant and to look out for other drivers on the road. If you are involved in an accident on I-10, speak to a personal injury attorney.


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