Are Your Holiday Candles Putting Your Family in Danger?

Picture of FamilyIf you bought holiday candles to decorate your home, you should probably take a moment to check that they are safe to use. Yankee Candles, one of the largest candle manufacturers in the country, has recently put out a recall on multiple hazardous products. The recall includes more than 32,000 candles in the company’s scented candles line. These products have a chance of shattering when lit, which can lead to laceration injuries.

Which Holiday Candles Are Under Recall?

Not all the company’s candles are dangerous. It’s only a small list of products released between September and November of 2016. Watch out for all the following items:

  • Sea Salt & Coral
  • Blackberry & Sage
  • Apple Blossom & Honey
  • Sugarcane & Sandalwood
  • Cinnamon & Cedar

If you have purchased any of these products, Yankee Candle has requested that you stop using them immediately, and return them for a full refund.

Will These Candles Cause a Lawsuit?

While it’s good that the business reacted quickly and issued a recall, they are still responsible for the damages they might have caused customers. When a business sells a product, they have an obligation to make sure that it is safe. Injured customers can still take legal action to hold Yankee Candle responsible for any medical expenses, missed work or pain and suffering these products may have caused.

Hopefully, the company will successfully communicate the recall and get these dangerous candles replaced before anyone else get hurt. In the future, let’s hope they take this as a reminder to take their safety process more seriously.

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