Hospital Sued for Failure to Prevent Sexual Assault

How should you handle car insurance after an accident?A hospital has been sued by a Gretna woman after she says the hospital failed to protect her from sexual assault. The lawsuit was filed on June 26, alleging negligence.

The claim states that the plaintiff was required to stay in the hospital on July 2, 2016. While she was in her room, she was allegedly sexually abused by another patient who attacked her and tried to fondle her breast. She screamed and was removed from the situation by hospital staff. Later that day, she awoke in her new room to find the attacker standing over her, staring. Throughout the course of her stay at the hospital, the assailant allegedly continuously stalked her.

She has accused the hospital of negligence for allowing her to be harassed and abused. Additionally, she blames the hospital for failing to discipline and remove the attacker, breaching its duty of care to provide for her safety. She is seeking all reasonable damages, attorney fees and court costs.

Negligent Security

Hospitals are responsible for providing adequate security to prevent patients from suffering harm due to crimes. Many of these patients are targeted because of their vulnerability, whether because they are bedridden or sedated or otherwise unable to fight back. When security guards fail in their duty to protect patients, the hospital may be found liable by way of a premises liability lawsuit. If you have been the victim of a violent crime or a sex crime in a hospital, speak to an attorney to determine if you are eligible for damages.


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