How Do I Report a Defective Work Product?

Picture of Defective Equipment

If you are a Louisiana employee who works with many forms of equipment and tools, you probably have heard of the dangers of working with a defective product. It is up to your employer to describe to you what a defective product looks like, so you can safely detect one when one is around, but there might be times where you find a defective product your employer was unaware of. Thankfully, there are steps that you can take as an employee to report the product as being defective.

What Is the Process of Reporting a Defective Product?

Your place of employment will usually purchase their equipment from another manufacturer, who will then supply these products for your company to use. Companies that manufacture products are legally required to report effects to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC. This is the federal agency that is in charge of laws regarding safety of consumer products. It is the responsibility of your employer to handle any claims relating to a defective product. The process of this reporting is:

  • Write a complaint letter to your employer
  • Your employer will report the product to the CPSC
  • Your employer will put up signs and send notice of the defective product, equipment, or machinery is removed to be fixed

If you find a defective product while working, it is essential that you send a letter to your employer about it immediately. Defective equipment can easily lead to employee injuries, so you could be saving one of your fellow coworkers some grief and physical anguish if you find the product and report it, so it can get repaired.

You are able to hold a product manufacturer liable for any injuries that you or someone else has sustained because of a defective product they made. Contact our product liability attorneys at Galloway Jefcoat LLP today if you were hurt in this situation.

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