How Parents Can Keep Their Children Safe from Defective Toys

Keep your children safe during the holidaysChristmas is only a few weeks away and many parents have started gift shopping for their children. Unfortunately, several toys being released this year pose significant safety hazards to children.

Take for example a popular hoverboard toy that randomly exploded, bringing down a family home in the process. The hoverboard is powered by lithium ion batteries, which can become unstable and explode in rare circumstances. Other consumer products using lithium ion batteries may have similar problems.

A Louisiana family has reported the hoverboard is responsible for the loss of their home. According to the family, their 12-year-old son was charging the battery on the toy when it started shooting flames from both ends. The fire created by the malfunctioning lithium ion battery was extremely intense and the house went up in flames within several minutes. Fortunately, the 12-year-old boy was unharmed and there were no injuries to the family.

How to Report Defective Toys

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalls defective toys every year. Parents can receive information on recalled toys from the CPSC by visiting its website. The CPSC maintains a list on its website of recalled toys, along with information on why the products were recalled. Defects such as lead paint, fire hazards and choking hazards are common.

When defective toys cause injuries to children, family members may have additional legal options to hold negligent manufacturers accountable. Throughout the holiday season, we will be updating our blog with information on toys that present safety hazards to children and what options may be available to parents.


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