How Taylor Swift Saved Car Accident Victims

Lafayette car accident lawyers for crash claimsShe’s won several awards including a Grammy and a CMA award, but now Taylor Swift can claim another honor—sort of. A group of friends hopped in their car and drove out to Swift’s most recent Louisiana concert. After having the time of their lives at the show, the girl piled back in for the long ride home, but the excitement of the concert proved a little too much for the driver.

The Louisiana teen fell asleep at the wheel and her car swerved off-road and crashed. The driver was knocked unconscious and her passengers were trapped and unable to reach their cell phones. That’s when they got an idea to use the flashing wrist bracelets they had gotten at the Taylor Swift Concert and signal for help. A lady eventually saw the lights and called 911, and now all the girls are safe and expected to make a full recovery.

Resourcefulness saved these girls from a very dangerous situation, and valuable lessons were learned. Teens are unfortunately involved in many car accidents every year—almost 292,000 teens suffered injuries from motor-vehicle accidents in 2011. Visit our car accidents page to learn more about the dangers of driving, and what you can do if you or a loved one are injured. Keep an eye on our blog, Twitter, and Facebook to catch even more news and information about keeping your teen safe.

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  1. Jordan Jordan says:

    I’m very glad that these teens were able to get help like this. I think the lesson here is that there are lots of ways drivers can be impeded – not just drinking, but tiredness too can severely alter the way you drive.

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