What Do I Do If I Am Hurt by a Broken Ladder at Work?

Photo of a worker climbing a ladder at a oil refineryA man from Orleans Parish is suing an employer after suffering injuries due to a broken ladder. The plaintiff alleges that he was hired by the defendants to install molding in their New Orleans home. The defendants gave the plaintiff a ladder to work with, but when the man climbed onto the ladder, he fell.

The complaint, filed in Orleans Parish Civil District Court, blames the defendants for negligence. The plaintiff says that the defendants failed to take necessary precautions to protect the plaintiff from harm, failed to provide the plaintiff with a working ladder and failed to warn him of the danger that the broken ladder presented.

Broken Ladder Injuries

Broken ladders can cause a variety of injuries, ranging from cuts and bruises to broken bones to catastrophic injuries like brain or spinal cord injuries. In the most severe cases, the victim can die. But when considering the potential for a lawsuit, first, you must consider the possible defendants. Was the ladder defective by design, or perhaps manufactured incorrectly? If so, you may have a claim against the designer or manufacturer. Was the ladder properly made, but the owners failed to maintain the ladder, leading to a malfunction? If so, then you could have a claim against the owner, whether that is an individual or a company.

Your first order of business, though, should be seeking immediate medical treatment. Not all injuries from ladders are immediately obvious, like traumatic brain injury. Always seek a medical evaluation after injury, and if you believe negligence was the cause of your injury, discuss your case with an attorney.


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