When Inadequate Training Causes Maritime Accidents

Photo of an offshore construction platform for oil and gas production

Photo of an offshore construction platform for oil and gas productionMaritime work involves specific training in order to do the job correctly, efficiently and safely. Even for well-trained workers, there are all kinds of risk in the maritime field, so when someone is inadequately trained, workers are at high risk of catastrophic injury or death in maritime accidents. There are many precautions that can be taken to prevent maritime injuries, injuries and deaths. Proper training is one of the most important.

Lack of Job Training

Seamen require at least basic training on the operation and maintenance of the vessels the work on in addition to specific training related to the job they are responsible for (oil workers, for example, need training to use special drilling equipment). When workers are not trained well to do their jobs, the risk of mistakes skyrockets. In the maritime industry, even a tiny mistake can have massive repercussions. Even standing in the wrong place could lead to catastrophic injury and death, not to mention utilizing heavy equipment.

Lack of Safety Training

In addition to knowing how to do one’s specific job, workers must also know proper safety protocol and how to use safety equipment. Knowing this not only protects workers themselves, but also lets them know how to react quickly to save other workers who might end up in risky situations.

According to maritime law and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), workers are entitled to proper training, both for needed skills to do a job and for safety procedures and equipment. Employers in all industries are required to provide proper training and to keep records of safety incidents and injuries. They must also provide health screenings for workers and notify OSHA about any fatalities that occur on the job. Workers have a right to work in a job that is as safe as it can possibly be, which means that everyone receives adequate training. If an employer or another coworker breaches his or her duty of care to keep other workers safe, anyone who is injured as a result should speak to a maritime accident attorney.


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