Injured Cirque Du Soleil Artists Fighting for Workers’ Comp

Professional athletes work in high risk environments where bodily injury is a real possibility. Because of this, most professional athletes are provided with contracts that include additional compensation alongside what workers’ comp provides. But for a profession with nearly four times the rate of injuries as professional sports, Cirque Du Soleil provides most performers with little to no extra compensation, putting them in the position of filing for workers’ compensation and often having to fight to get the benefits they truly need.

A performer injured in 2007 after falling nearly 40 feet experienced difficulty getting the compensation she needed. She had injured her ankle and needed surgery. The workers’ compensation she was offered only allowed her enough money to get surgery that would help her walk again. But as a gymnast whose best prospects for work relied on being able to use her ankle for more than walking, the surgery was not enough. Fortunately, she had a workers’ compensation attorney who challenged the level of compensation and won her enough to repair her ankle to the fullest extent. Because of this, she was able to work a job as a gymnastics instructor.

Do I Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Injuries on the job can cause significant impairment to your ability to make ends Picture of a denied work injury claim formmeet if you are not awarded adequate compensation. Workers’ comp attorneys strive to make sure your workers’ compensation case is done right so that you can get all of the compensation you need, whether it is for hospital bills, temporary disability or permanent disability. To learn more about workers’ compensation, follow our blog. Additionally, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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