What You Should Know Before Driving a RV

Electronic cigarettes can cause permanent injuriesIn late March, KLFY-TV reported that two people were killed in a recreational vehicle wreck involving a passenger vehicle and RV. The incident happened on a Sunday afternoon in Crowley on Interstate 10. Per the Louisiana State Police, both vehicles were traveling west on I-10 prior to the collision. Reportedly, the RV crossed into the other lane and sideswiped the car. After colliding, both vehicles traveled off the road, hit a guardrail and overturned into the median. Both people in the RV died from injuries they suffered in the crash. The driver and passenger in the car only sustained minor injuries in the incident.

Tips to Safely Drive a RV

Active.com featured an article with tips drivers should know before taking a RV on a road trip:

  • Understand the size of the vehicle – Know exactly how tall and wide your RV is. This is important for going through tunnels and passing under bridges, as well as your oversize load status.
  • Practice parking – Practice a lot before venturing onto the open road. Learn to rely on your mirrors and rearview camera to park. Avoid parking near other vehicles if possible and make sure you always can clearly see the parking spot you are pulling into.
  • Properly adjust seats and mirrors – Adjust the driver’s seat so that you are comfortable and can see in every direction. Make sure your side mirrors are properly positioned and if your RV has a rearview camera, learn how to use it.
  • Prepare for varying road conditions – This boils down to knowing how to properly drive a RV uphill and downhill.
  • Take necessary safety measures – Make sure you know what side your gas tank is on, check your tire pressure throughout your trip and keep a safe following distance between you and other vehicles.

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