Lafayette Bus Drivers Called Out for Unsafe Driving

School bus crashes with vehicles have risen in LafayetteTwo months ago, Lafayette school buses incorporated the use of stickers asking motorists to call in and report unsafe driving. The stickers read “1-800-HOWSMYDRIVING” and are placed on the back of buses. In the last two months, almost 100 calls have come into the district-operated hotline to report dangerous school bus drivers.

According to The Advertiser and KATC, a majority of the calls are in regard to school buses speeding, charging through yellow lights and cutting off other motorists. Despite numerous complaints of unsafe driving, the school district has yet to officially cite a bus driver through the hotline.

Are Lafayette Bus Accidents Rare?

No drivers have been cited through the hotline, but several bus accidents have occurred during the last year. Last week, a Lafayette school bus driver was cited by police for turning left in front of a vehicle and causing an accident.

Earlier this year in May, a Lafayette bus driver was arrested for causing an accident while under the influence of alcohol. Lafayette Parish sheriff’s deputies later arrested the man for his role in the accident. Another accident occurred in February when a driver once again made a left turn in front of an oncoming vehicle. These accidents are often preventable.

Unless the calls into the hotline are a form of passive aggressive road rage, then it is possible there will be future accidents. Operators are reporting up to three calls a day, which suggests it is possible bus drivers are driving unsafely.


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