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If you ever worked as a law enforcement officer for the City of Lake Charles Police Department, you could be entitled to extra compensation that the city government allegedly withheld from you.

Class action attorney John M. Jefcoat recently filed a class action suit on behalf of these police officers who allegedly did not receive full pay. According to state law, some police officers are eligible to receive supplemental earnings from the state in addition to their salaries, which are paid by the city.

As the class action suit alleges, however, the city subtracted payment from some officer’s paychecks in amounts equal to extra payment received from the state. For example, if the state provided an extra $1,000 in supplemental compensation, the city allegedly shorted the officers’ paychecks by $1,000.

Does the Lake Charles Police Class Action Affect Me?

This affects Lake Charles city employees who were employed at any time between September 19, 2000 and 11:59 p.m. on April 4, 2004. Specifically, this affects those who were “permanent, classified Civil Service, commissioned law enforcement officers in the City of Lake Charles Police Department.”

What Are My Options?

If you qualify as a class action member for this suit, you have two options:

  1. Do nothing. If you do not take any action related to this suit, and you qualify as a member, you will remain a member. However, this means that you are bound by whatever decision the court reaches in this suit. You can not file an additional suit.
  2. Exclude yourself. You can opt out of the class action suit, thus granting you the opportunity to file your own individual suit to recoup your losses. You lose your right to claim benefits awarded in the class action.

We recommend contacting our class action lawyers to be sure you understand your options at this time. There is no charge to speak with us and learn more about this suit.

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