Lafayette Parish Is First In Highway Fatalities

Picture of a Wrongful DeathAs of August 12th, data from the LSU Highway Safety Research Group says that Lafayette Parish has had 4,261 traffic accidents so far this year. KLFY News claims that the fatal crash rate for our parish is two times that of any other county with at least 100,000 licensed drivers, and that a total of 21 people died on Lafayette Parish roads. These numbers are pretty grim, and they illustrate that Lafayette Parish is first in highway fatalities.

What Is Causing These Fatalities?

Regular Lafayette roads rate very safely with only three fatalities despite 2,521 crashes, but crashes on the highway have resulted in 18 deaths. Local researches believe that not using safety belts and alcohol are the largest contributing factors in these deaths, but local authorities aren’t narrowing their field of focus when it comes to safety.

How Are Officials Improving Highway Safety?

As part of their plan to increase safety, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) plans to construct cable barriers in Acadia and Lafayette starting in the spring of 2016. These barriers have proven very effective in saving lives on our Louisiana highways. Recently a large truck on I-10, heading for Shreveport, lost control and plowed into one of these barriers. A Shreveport Police Department sergeant was driving in the eastbound lanes of I-10 and was surprised to see the cable barriers preventing the heavy vehicle from entering oncoming traffic.

The lawyers of Galloway Jefcoat want you to remember that the highway can be a very dangerous place. Though authorities do everything they can, accidents still happen, but there are ways that you can prevent others from suffering. Taking legal action against negligent and drunk drivers can be an effective method for reducing traffic accidents, so don’t be afraid to call an attorney if you are injured in a traffic accident. Your case might prevent future accidents.

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