Injured in a Car Accident in Louisiana?

Our Lafayette Car Accident Attorney Explains What Steps to Take

No one ever plans on getting into a car accident. However, most Americans will experience a car wreck in their lifetime. For example, In Louisiana, busy traffic causes daily accidents on I 40, I 167 and I 10. Besides any injuries that may have occurred, there could be damage to property. More parties get involved in your incident and questions start getting asked. You speculate if you should file a police report or if you have a case. You wonder who could be at fault and how if any other party has been injured. And then you need to deal with a car insurance claim. If you have questions about what to do after a car accident, our Lafayette car accident attorney has answers.

Galloway Jefcoat, Attorneys at Law believes that no car accident victim should have their economic status reduced due to the negligence of another party. Furthermore, we know how difficult it can be to be offered a satisfactory settlement offer by insurance companies. For years, we have helped people pursue financial recovery through the claims process and negotiated with adjusters. If you need help after an automobile accident of any size or type, contact our Lafayette car accident lawyer today.

What Do I Do After a Car Accident in Louisiana?

Odds are you will be shaken and confused after a car accident. For this reason, our Lafayette car accident attorney offers advice on what to do. Ultimately, our Louisiana attorneys know that you want to get the maximum amount of compensation to handle your bills. Nonetheless, deductibles can leave you with a less than satisfactory settlement. Our Lafayette car accident lawyer has years of experience in Louisiana court. As a result, we what steps to take to get your insurance to cover more of your expenses. Some steps to take after a car accident include:

  • Be Friendly, but Do Not Apologize: After a car accident, it is common to have feelings of remorse and guilt. Do not mistake these feelings as actual guilt. It is common to feel shaken, tense and confused after any car wreck. In addition, while you may be tempted to diffuse the situation by admitting apologizing, there are details you may have overlooked. As a rule, insurance adjusters will take any apology as an admission of guilt. Instead of admitting fault, offer help and be friendly.
  • Call Emergency Services: Immediately after your accident, make sure you are not seriously injured. Next, look for any other people or cars that are involved and dial 911. An emergency call shows your insurance provider that you were responsible for your vehicle accident.
  • Contact the Local Police Department: Do not be worried that calling the police will somehow incriminate you in a car wreck. A police report does not necessarily result in you being found at fault for an accident at a later date.

How Can I Financially Recover From a Car Accident?

As a rule, car accidents in Louisiana can result in some of the most serious and catastrophic personal injuries. In addition to dealing with restoring your health from burns, back and neck injuries, broken bones or other trauma, you also may be dealing with serious financial issues. For example, you may need to immediately replace or repair your vehicle or have lost time off work. Furthermore, it can be easy to have compounding medical bills spiral out of control. As your advocate, we will pursue the compensation you require to start putting your life back together. Depending on your particular situation, we can seek money to cover your:

  • Lost Wages: After your accident, you might have anxiety over how you will recover lost wages from time off work. After all, sometimes it is impossible to return to work after your accident. By giving you the best defense possible, we can work toward a favorable settlement.
  • Medical Expenses: Common medical expenses involve emergency room visits, physical therapy, surgeries, medications, and other medical costs. A reliable Lafayette car accident attorney can help you pursue compensation for your temporary and permanent injuries.
  • Pain and Suffering: Emotional and physical pain is common after an accident. Our firm will creatively work to get you the just compensation you deserve after your car accident.
  • Damage to Property: Your accident most likely caused damage to your vehicle or other property. Our firm can defend you if your accident has caused damage to your property or someone else’s.
  • Reduced Quality of Life: Things might not be the same after your accident. You may have severe limitations to your daily routine. There are laws and regulations we can use to fight for recovery compensation from a diminished quality of life.

Have You Been Involved in a Car Accident in Lafayette? Call Our Firm Now for a Consultation

Did you or someone close you survive a serious car accident? Do you have concerns that another party may have been negligent, contributing to your injuries? Have you lost wages due to being unable to return to work? You do not need to live in fear over your financial responsibilities or have your life disrupted. No matter what type of accident you have gone through, we can help. With our experienced and passionate Lafayette car accident lawyer, you can breathe easy knowing your best interests are in mind.

Whether you were the victim of a careless commercial driver or a distracted teen, we are here to help. Let us investigate your accident, contact witnesses and preserve evidence to find who is at fault. At Galloway Jefcoat, Attorneys at Law, we have been defending car accident victims for over two decades. Call our Lafayette office today at 337-984-8020 or through our website’s contact form. Our Louisiana car accident law firm offers free consultations.