Injured on a Motorcycle?

Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Represent Bikers

Our motorcycle accident lawyers have helped injured bikers recover from motorcycle wrecks since 1996. Motorcyclists face unique dangers on the road exclusive to their form of travel. Drivers do not always pay close attention to smaller vehicles on the road, leaving the biker exposed to serious injuries from a car accident. Drivers may also fail to check blind spots or have difficulty judging how far away and how fast a motorcycle is going. The Insurance Information Institute estimates that motorcycle accidents are 27 times more likely to result in death than car accidents per mile traveled.

If you are in a motorcycle accident, you deserve the best possible representation. From our law offices in Lafayette and Lake Charles our motorcycle accident attorneys can serve riders hurt across southern Louisiana. Since, 1996, our law firm has dedicated itself to ensuring that injury victims receive full compensation from negligent car and truck drivers.

How Do I Determine Legal Fault in a Motorcycle Accident?

Responsibility in a motorcycle wreck claim depends on the legal theory of negligence. The victim in the accident must prove that the person at fault had a duty to maintain a safe environment on the roadway (as is the responsibility of all drivers), but that the person failed in that duty and caused injury to the victim.

Motorcycle accident liability can be difficult to determine without proper investigation by qualified lawyers. The operator of the motorcycle may be partially at fault under contributory negligence principles. Motorcycle laws in Louisiana, for example, state that if a rider is hurt due to lack of a helmet, the rider might share responsibility for their injury because, legally, all riders without exception must wear a helmet.

In cases where comparative negligence applies, the courts calculate damages based on how much blame each party has.

Can the Designer or Manufacturer of the Motorcycle Be Held Responsible for Accidents?

Sometimes a design defect in the motorcycle itself can cause a motorcycle accident. If the manufacturer designed or produced a motorcycle in such a way that the product could feasibly cause an injury, then they can be liable in the event of an accident. In many cases, internal memos have revealed that manufacturers knew about potential dangers. However, they chose to put the vehicles on the market anyway to save time and money.

Manufacturing defects can also play a role in deaths and injuries. If accident’s cause is a deviation in the motorcycle’s construction, the manufacturer can be responsible on product liability grounds.

Unaligned tires, for example, can cause a motorcycle crash at high speeds. When a motorcycle moves at high speeds, defects can cause shaking or wobbling in the front end. If this wobbling becomes too intense, the rider can lose control, causing an accident.