Injured by a Defective Product?

Our Lafayette Product Liability Attorney Team Turns Wrong Into Right

Ask a Lafayette product liability attorney about your rights and best legal options.Product liability describes the laws surrounding injuries or wrongful death caused by a product manufacturer’s error. Manufacturers must design and market products that, when used correctly, pose no risk of injury or harm to the consumer. Defective tires, medications with unlisted side effects and toys with lead paint are a few examples that full under product liability laws.

Our Lafayette personal injury lawyers have extensive knowledge of product liability law. Since 1996, we have represented over 1,000 victims of personal injury in Louisiana, including Sulphur, Lakes Charles and Calcasieu Parish. We commit our resources to obtaining the best possible compensation for our clients’ injuries.

When Can I Hold a Product Manufacturer Liable?

The Louisiana Products Liability Act (LPLA) is the legislation governing product liability compensation. In order to hold a manufacturer liable for personal injuries resulting from a defective product in the state of Louisiana, you must prove one of the following:

  • The product’s construction or composition results in unreasonable danger.
  • The product’s design results in unreasonable danger. To prove this, an alternative design must have existed that could have prevented the injury.
  • The manufacturer fails to provide proper and sufficient warning about possible risks the product poses.
  • The product fails to conform to a manufacturer’s express warranty.

The defective product can only be considered unreasonably dangerous if the injury was caused during the course of the product’s anticipated use.

Even if the product is not defective, if you are injured by it while using it for its intended purpose, then you can still bring legal action against the manufacturer.

The statute of limitations for filing a product liability case in Louisiana is one year from the date of injury, so it is extremely important to contact a product liability attorney as soon as you are able. Our team offers a free consultation to evaluate the product and your injuries. Please call us now at (800) 260-3839.