How Lafayette Residents Can Get Involved in Brain Injury Awareness Month

Concussions can cause long-term damageBrain injuries are sometimes called “invisible injuries” because the effects are difficult for other people to observe. People with brain injuries may have problems with memory, speech, emotions, balance or behavior. Centers for Disease Control statistics suggest 5.3 million Americans are living with these invisible injuries.

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and several organizations and events are going to help bring awareness to people living with brain injuries. Lafayette residents can also get involved in Brain Injury Awareness month by helping spread educational materials or even holding events.

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA), the largest brain injury nonprofit in the U.S., has several posters and fliers available on its website. Local businesses (and law firms) can print these posters and fliers and hang them around the office. Social media campaigns can also help spread awareness of brain injuries. The BIAA posts regular status updates on brain injuries that businesses can share with followers.

What Other Events Occur During Brain Injury Awareness Month?

For people who have the means to travel and a strong desire to get involved in helping spread awareness of brain injuries, March 16 is Brain Injury Awareness Day. Brain Injury Awareness Day is a major event that takes place on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. This event also allows the public to meet with their representatives to discuss how best to help people with brain injuries.

The point of Brain Injury Awareness Month is to ensure the public knows how brain injuries can affect people so they are no longer ‘invisible’. Brain injuries are not like broken bones, where a person is visibly wearing a cast. These injuries affect people in ways we cannot see.


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