Lake Pontchartrain Oil Rig Explosion Injures 7, 1 Missing

Flare on Rig

Flare on RigSeven people were injured and one man is still missing after an oil rig explosion on Lake Pontchartrain. The explosion happened the night of October 15, causing a blast that could be heard miles away. Two of the victims are in stable condition, but the other five have critical injuries and burns.

The rig is operated by CLOVELLY Oil. A spokesman for the company says the explosion occurred during maintenance. No sign of pollution resulting from the explosion has been detected.

Have You Been Hurt While Working on an Oil Rig?

Explosions are among the most serious accidents that can occur on an offshore oil rig. Oil, gas and fumes produced on these rigs are highly flammable and can ignite if safety procedures and regulations are not followed. All it takes is one spark – from a faulty machine, produced during work or even from a lit cigarette – to cause a potentially devastating explosion. These explosions can lead to catastrophic injuries, including burns, loss of limb and even death.

Oil companies and workers have a responsibility to enforce safety standards. When enforcement of safety standards is ignored, injury and death can occur. Victims of these kinds of accidents and their families could be entitled to compensation for injuries and other damages.

Our law firm has extensive experience assisting the victims of oil rig explosions seek recovery for their injuries. Additionally, attorney Rusty Galloway has first-hand experience working on oil rigs. He knows how the industry operates and he knows how to prove that another party’s negligence led to your injuries. If you have suffered injury in an oil rig explosion, our law firm can investigate the accident, determine all liable parties and represent your interests in negotiations or in the courtroom.


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