What Are the Leading Causes of Automobile Accidents?

A two-car collision in Franklin Parish, Louisiana left a 46-year-old firefighter dead and a 16-year-old driver with minor injuries. The firefighter had plans to retire on January 15 of this year, a fact that only compounds the tragedy.

The holiday season brings with it an increase in motor vehicle accidents due to the amount of traffic the holidays attract. With so many people on the road trying to visit family and friends, it makes sense that there would be more accidents. The accident that caused the wrongful death of the firefighter is still under investigation, so it is unclear if drugs or alcohol had anything to do with the fatality, or if dangerous roads factored into the crash at all.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver negligence and unsafe roadways are the two leading causes of automobile accidents. Distracted driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can become even more dangerous in wintry road conditions, where visibility can be reduced and the roads can become slippery.

I Suffered an Injury in a Motor Vehicle Accident with a Negligent Driver. How Can I Seek Compensation?

You should not be responsible for the medical costs and lost enjoyment of life that can come with an injury from an automobile accident. It is up to you to seek damages against the driver who causes your collision, and an experienced attorney can help.

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