Leading Long-term Nonfatal On-the-Job Injuries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has recently released a report on nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses, which require multiple days away from work. They found that for every 10,000 workplace injuries, that just over 100 required taking a temporary leave from duties. However, for those families where their loved one was injured, that time off work can be devastating financially. Not only is income lost, but medical bills can pile up on top of the regular household expenses.

Facts About the Common Long-Term Workplace Injuries

The information compiled by the BLS can help businesses and organizations in their efforts to limit workplace injuries. The following facts about nonfatal on-the-job injuries are worth noting:

For instance, about 33 percent of all nonfatal injuries requiring days off were Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). The leading professions in this particular injury were nursing assistants, laborers and people who moved freight, stock or other material. Over half of the injuries that happened to nursing assistants were MSDs injuries. These injuries are often due to repetitive motions and stress.

The leading event or exposure of workplace injuries requiring time off was overexertion, which accounted for 35 percent of all cases in the study. Just like with MSDs, nursing assistants and laborers were most susceptible to overexertion. About 55 percent of laborer injuries were due to overexertion.

For this study, men represented most of the injured workers, which required days off to heal. However, women were overrepresented in bruises and contusions. Men had a much higher rate of sprains, strains and tears.

This study should prove useful in combating workplace injuries. Unfortunately, some people have a hard time recovering because of an improper workers’ compensation claim handling, or issues with wage loss benefits and medical benefits.

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Source: http://www.bls.gov/iif/oshwc/cfoi/osar0018.htm

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