Should You Let Your Child Visit a Trampoline Park?

Keep your children safe from tip-over accidentsTrampoline parks are growing increasingly popular across America. These places allow children to spend time in a room filled with trampolines, where they can jump, perform tricks and play with toys. Despite attempts to take safety precautions with these facilities, their rise in popularity has brought a surge of new hospital visits for young kids.

In the past few years alone, the number of hospital visits from trampoline park injures has grown twelve times bigger. In 2014, a disheartening 7,000 children went to the hospital after getting hurt at one of these parks. There is clearly a growing danger associated with this particular brand of fun.

Should You Let Your Child Play at Trampoline Parks?

The important message here is that parents need to develop an awareness to the potential risks of trampoline parks. Not all facilities are created equal. Some businesses go to the extra effort of creating as much safety as possible. Other businesses will do only the bare minimum as required by law. If you decide to let your child play at one of these parks, try to inspect the area first for safety measures.

Features such as padded walls, nets to catch children and a focused team of employees watching kids can all improve the safety of a park. As a parent you can also do your part by teaching your children how to play safely, and by watching to ensure that children avoid dangerous activities such as roughhousing on the trampolines.

It’s also important to understand, however, that even the best-run trampoline park will have some risk. Just like trampolines at home, there is always a chance that kids will fall, trip or collide with one another. Like with any activity, you will need to weigh the risks against the potential benefits of these parks. The important part is that we build awareness, so that everyone can make an informed decision for their families.

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