Louisiana Brain Injury Programs You Should Know About

There are effective treatments for TBIsFor some people with brain injuries, part of the difficulty during rehabilitation is knowing where to access local programs that can help aid efforts to recover. Fortunately, there are several brain injury recovery programs and communities throughout Louisiana.

Brain Injury Programs for Adults: Every March, Pilot International hosts an event aimed at helping adults with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). For the last three years, the Louisiana Fleur de Lis Camp has brought people with TBIs together. According to the camp organizers, most of the attendees, who come from Texas and Louisiana, led normal lives until suffering TBIs during accidents. Attendees get to meet new people and partake in recreational activities.

Brain Injury-Friendly Activities for Children and Adults: Adaptive sports are another great option for accident survivors with TBIs. These athletic activities are modified to allow people with disabilities to play sports such as softball, tennis, horseback riding and basketball. The majority of adaptive sports programs in Louisiana are in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. GaitWay Therapeutic Horsemanship and Miracle League of Greater New Orleans are two great examples of adaptive sports in Louisiana.

Adaptive sports have gained national recognition as being useful for helping veterans with TBIs during rehabilitation. However, adaptive sports can be useful to most people who are recovering from catastrophic injuries caused by accidents.

Brain Injury Programs Can Help During Rehabilitation

The mental health symptoms of TBIs can cause depression and isolation. By joining a community of others who have gone through similar experiences, lasting friendships can be cultivated. The social aspect of recovery can be close to as important as the physical aspects. Don’t go through this struggle alone: reach out to others for help and encouragement.


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