Should Louisiana Change Its Attitude about Drunk Driving?

A Louisiana attorney has made a plea to the state of Louisiana to change the culture surrounding drunk driving. He says that the state as a whole is often accused of being much too tolerant of drunk driving, a tolerance that contributes to a high rate of drunk driving fatalities. Captain Doug Cain of the Louisiana State Police reports that 51 percent of fatal accidents in the past month involved alcohol.

This plea was made in light of the case of Ashley Breaux, a Louisiana woman who lost a long-time boyfriend in a crash that killed three people and an unborn child. The drunk driver, Charles Moter, was charged with three counts of vehicular homicide.

Cain’s statements mirror those given by the presiding judge during Moter’s sentencing. Judge Glennon Everett also blamed the tolerant attitude of Louisiana toward drunk driving and pointed out the deaths as a direct consequence of that attitude.

A Drunk Driver Took My Loved One Away From Me. How Can I Get Justice For This Crime?

The state will bring criminal charges against anyone found to be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These charges are strictly between the driver and the state; if you wish to pursue legal action against the driver, you will need to seek out a private attorney.

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