Louisiana Company Aims to Prevent Distracted Driving

Keep your kids safe this summer by talking about distracted driving.National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics show distracted driving kills 3,200 motorists each year. Tens of thousands more are injured by distracted driving. Despite being preventable, many people seemingly cannot put phones down while driving. This problem is especially true for younger drivers who may be unaware of the risks. Fortunately, a Louisiana company has stepped in to provide a solution that may help prevent distracted driving.

Cellcontrol, the creator of DriveID, is one of several tech companies offering solutions to solve this major public safety problem. How does Cellcontrol’s DriveID work? Let’s say for example you are the parent of a 16-year-old who recently obtained his or her driver’s license. Your teenager has a bad and potentially deadly habit, in that he or she will not stop texting behind the wheel.

DriveID allows parents to set restrictions on mobile phone use while vehicles are in motion. Parents could limit outgoing and incoming phone calls, completely shut down texting and disable apps or web surfing. Restrictions can be made for certain phone numbers, including 911 or family members. In addition, parents would receive updates on other bad driving habits, such as speeding or swerving.

There Are Other Ways Parents Can Prevent Distracted Driving

Cellcontrol is not alone, other companies and app makers are attempting to prevent distracted driving. Smartphone apps such as LifeSaver and AT&Ts DriveMode can also add limitations to texting and driving.

LifeSaver locks phones while vehicles are in motion and allows families to reward each other for safe driving. DriveMode works by automatically sending calls to voicemail or by sending text messages that users are driving.

Some vehicle manufacturers are developing technologies that prevent distracted driving. For example, GM is developing technology that can detect when drivers are looking down at their phones. Ford’s MyKey feature can block calls and text messages.

Preventing distracted driving is a group effort that requires the participation of the public, businesses, lawmakers and litigators.

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