This Louisiana Highway is One of the Deadliest in the Nation

Electronic cigarettes can cause permanent injuriesA new study has named Interstate-10 one of the most dangerous freeways in the nation. Many Louisiana residents did not need a study to tell them this. The highway runs through many cities in our state, and it has a reputation for being crowded and dangerous. According to the study, the most dangerous portion of the entire highway is the section that runs through New Orleans.

I-10 has 19.2 fatal accidents for every 100 miles, with a total of 1,300 deadly accidents in the past four years. It was also listed as one of the five highways in the country that had the most drunk drivers.

What Makes Interstate-10 So Dangerous?

Local residents frequently complain that in crowded areas such as New Orleans, people drive at dangerous speeds, and are often distracted from the road ahead.

That seems to be an accurate explanation, since Louisiana State Police offered a similar response to the numbers. They said that the majority of accidents are because of either distracted drivers or drunk drivers. Police also noted that visibility can be a problem. Sometimes a driver will cause a crash because they could not see obstacles ahead. This would also make sense, since the study named I-10 as having a large number of unlighted areas compared to other American highways.

How Can We Make Our Highways Safer?

Police suggest that drivers take it easy, and pay closer attention to their surroundings. There are also several promising new possibilities for reducing the number of distracted driving accidents in Louisiana and other states. Some believe that stricter laws might help, while others are turning to technical innovations that will allow officers to monitor distracted driving more effectively.

The exact solutions are still uncertain, but we need to take these discouraging numbers a wakeup call. We need to come together and have a discussion about how to make our highways safer in the state.

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