This Louisiana Truck Driver Was Just Rescued from a Sinking Vehicle

Can sleep apnea testing prevent truck accidents?A truck driver was recently rescued from the canal along Interstate 10 after a highway accident left him unconscious in a sinking vehicle. The man lost control of the 18-wheeler for unclear reasons, then veered across the highway and into the canal. Onlookers say that the vehicle quickly filled with water and began to sink.

Drivers along the road parked and attempted to help the truck driver, but at first they were unable to get into the cabin. A passing work truck stopped. The men inside assisted, and they used the truck’s crane to help recover the driver inside the vehicle.

Law enforcement noticed a white sedan crashed in the woods nearby the interstate. Police discovered that the truck accident had caused the woman in the car to lose control and crash off of the street. She did not suffer any serious injuries, and her car was towed safely from the scene. A tow truck was also able to remove the 18-wheeler from the canal. Paramedics performed CPR on the rescued driver, but as of now his condition is still unclear to the public.

Can We Make this Type of Highway Accident Less Common on I-10?

The media coverage of the accident was full of comments from the public about how this portion of the expressway is a dangerous free-for-all for commuters and trucks. One man even compared the stretch to a NASCAR track. It is still unclear what caused the truck driver to lose control of his vehicle, but one cannot help but ask if better community planning might be able to prevent future crashes. We have already done a blog on how better visibility and guardrails along Louisiana canals might be a helpful safety precaution. Another possible solution would be hiring more law enforcement to force drivers to obey the speed limit. Many regular commuters complain that fast driving and bad behavior are a regular fear on I-10.

Hopefully, this driver will recover well. In the meantime, we should continue to discuss ways to make our communities safer for everyone.

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