Louisiana Woman’s Airbag Injury Prompts More Nissan Recalls

The last thing anyone wants when their airbag deploys is to be met with a shower of shrapnel instead of the life-saving airbag. Unfortunately that was exactly what one driver was met with while driving her Nissan Sentra. This March, while driving near New Orleans, a Louisiana woman was injured by a malfunctioning airbag. According to the suit, the woman received burns and cuts from flying shrapnel when her airbag deployed. She also suffered from hearing problems related to the air bag deployment. Nissan originally recalled 52,000 vehicles in November for this very problem and is now recalling 45,000 more in light of this latest lawsuit.

The problem appears to be related to airbags designed by the manufacturer Takata, and affects mostly those who live in high humidity areas. High humidity causes the metal canisters containing the air bag propellant to explode on deployment, sending shards of metal towards the driver or passenger. So far, this design problem has been cited in at least six deaths and countless injuries. The Nissan recalls highlight how important it is for manufacturers to properly test for any dangers or malfunctions and address any issues before anyone is hurt. When a manufacturer fails to take the proper precautions before they release a product to consumers, they should be held liable for the injuries which will inevitably follow.

Who Should Call a Product Liability Attorney?

If a product causes bodily injury due to functioning improperly, it is within the consumer’s rights to file suit against the company responsible for manufacturing and distributing the product. At Galloway Jefcoat, our Louisiana product liability attorneys have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are willing to take on companies that sell unsafe products. Learn more about the kinds of cases we take by following our blog and following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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