Workers’ Comp Claim Handled Improperly?

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Turn Wrong Into Right

Picture of a denied work injury claim formIf you were hurt on the job, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits no matter who was at fault. Unfortunately, the process does not always go as smoothly as it should. Whether due to bureaucratic backlogs, employer negligence or simply a human error at the Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration (OWCA), injured workers may not receive their benefits on time or in full.

If something went wrong with your workers’ compensation claim, an attorney can take action to set things right. Robert M. Martina, our primary workers’ compensation lawyer, used to work for the workers’ comp insurance providers. He knows how they attempt to limit or deny claims, and he can use this information to give you your best chance at receiving maximum compensation for your legal needs in Southern Louisiana.

Why Haven’t I Received my Workers’ Comp Benefits?

There are many reasons for a possible delay or denial of benefits. In any of these instances, a lawyer can help set things right:

  • Employer never reported the injury. Once you notify your employer about the injury, he or she has 10 days to file a First Report of Injury or Illness with the workers’ comp insurance company. If your employer is self-insured, he or she must file the report with the OWCA. Otherwise, the insurance company will report to the OWCA. Failure to do so could result in delayed benefits.
  • You missed a deadline for filing a claim. After the injury, you have 30 days to tell your boss about the injury. It helps to request a copy of the report as proof that your employer filed within the appropriate time period.
  • Your file got lost. A lot of cases go through workers’ comp offices, and staff members can easily misplace or forget about a file.
  • Your claim is still being processed. It can take some time for a claim to pass through all the necessary hands, especially if one party wishes to dispute the authenticity of your claim.
  • Your claim was denied, and you did not receive notification. If you find out that your claim was denied, you can still appeal if you have a valid claim for benefits. Our attorneys can help with this step.

If you do not receive funds, you can file a Disputed Claim for Compensation that will start the ball rolling towards getting the benefits that you deserve.

If your claim was wrongfully denied, or if your boss refuses to cover certain treatments or compensate for lost wages, an attorney can help make sure that everyone involved is following the law. Attorneys experienced with workers’ compensation increase your chances of receiving the maximum amount of benefits available to you.

For more information, call our workers’ compensation attorneys in Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish or Sulphur to find out what you can about an improperly handled claim.