What Makes Oil Rig Accidents So Severe?

Four children have been left fatherless after a man died due to injuries sustained in an oil rig accident. Mark Pittman’s death brings the total death count to three after the Oklahoma rig erupted in flames. Two others are recovering from severe burns sustained during the incident, with one in critical condition in the hospital.

Working on an oil rig is an incredibly stressful job. Long hours combined with the uniquely fast-paced and arduous labor create a perfect environment for mistakes to be made.

Many oil field accidents come from negligence, improper training, defective equipment or insufficient safety features. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is currently investigating the oil rig fire to determine whether employer negligence had a hand in this tragedy.

I Was Injured Working on an Oil Rig. What Are My Options?

The costs, both physical and financial, of a workplace injury can be steep. With oil field injuries, the potential for serious harm is much higher than many other jobs.

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Did You Know? The worst offshore oil disaster in history in terms of lives lost and industry impact was the Piper Alpha explosion in July 1988.

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