Making Roads Safer By Teaching Teens To Drive

Lafayette car accident lawyers for crash claimsIn a recent report by the NHTSA, it was revealed that 27 percent of all the traffic fatalities in Louisiana were speed related, but did you know that teens were the most likely group to have speeding accidents?

“They are risk takers,” John LeBlanc, the executive director of the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission told an interviewer. “That is our hardest-to-reach demographic.”

The Louisiana State Police agree, which is why they run a program to educate beginning drivers. The program is called “Sudden Impact”, and the teenage children of employees at Lafayette General Medical Center got to try the program out on July 21st.

How Are They Teaching Teens About Safe Driving?

The teens took a tour of the hospital, were shown places where traumatic injury patients are treated, and got to see a medical air transport land on the roof. State Police officers, car crash survivors, and healthcare professionals all talked to the teens about the dangers they could face while driving, and how to properly handle them. The teen even got to try “drunk goggles”, which simulate the effects of intoxication.

Teaching new drivers how to handle themselves on the road responsibly has always been an effective measure for preventing traffic accidents. At Galloway Jefcoat, we believe that taking distracted, drunk, and negligent drivers to court can also help raise awareness and save lives. Don’t be afraid to do your part to reduce car accidents: teach young drivers better driving skills, seek restitution from bad drivers, and keep an eye out for the latest news and information about staying safe on our roads.

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