How Many Drunk Driving Arrests Were There in Louisiana in 2014?

Drunk driving remains a big problem in the state of Louisiana; in 2014, nearly 7,500 people were arrested for drunk driving, 197 of them within the last week. Many of the arrests in 2014 happened because of crashes, but not all of them. Louisiana State Police Trooper Evan Harrell characterizes these drivers as lucky, because the ones who are caught cannot go on to injure themselves or someone else after they are arrested.

To Harrell, the worst characteristic of alcohol is that it impairs judgment. Thus, impaired people will often not even realize that they are not okay to drive, even if they are having trouble standing up or speaking.

Upcoming rule changes for Louisiana DWI laws hope to reduce the incidence of drunk driving by increasing penalties. The 2015 update adds a minimum of 10 days in jail and 32 hours of community service to the regular fine, which can be up to $250 for a first time offender. A second offense increases the jail time to 30 days.

Additionally, while the state was once responsible for paying for the drunk driver’s substance abuse treatment, that responsibility will now fall to the driver.

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