How Many People Have Died Because of Takata Air Bags?

Has your vehicle been recalled?Takata Corp.’s problems continue to escalate. Takata is the company responsible for the largest product recall in United States history, namely millions of defective air bag inflators. The problem with the air bag inflators in question is that, due to defects, they can explode in the event of a crash. If this happens, occupants of the vehicle can be sprayed with metal shrapnel, causing serious injury or wrongful death. The problem is most apparent in mild, humid parts of the world, but it can happen to anyone who has one of these deadly air bag inflators.

It seems every day there’s a new story related to the recall. On July 11, Takata added another 2.7 million air bag inflators to the recall. To date, over 100 million defective air bag inflators have been part of this recall.

Takata Air Bags Kill Another Person

An individual that died in June 2016 was recently confirmed by Honda to have been a victim of a defective Takata air bag. The individual was working on repairs to a 2001 Honda Accord when the air bag ruptured. The subsequent explosion led to severe injuries that resulted in his death a day later. This incident took place in Florida, but affected cars exist across the country. Out of all the deaths linked to these air bags, 16 have taken place in Honda vehicles since 2009.

TK Holdings, Takata’s United States unit, announced last month that it would be filing for bankruptcy. This is due to the immense amount of money it is having to pay out for claims. It now owes over a billion dollars to automakers and the victims.


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