How Are Maritime Employees Protected from Injury?

The unexpected explosion of the shrimping vessel Miss Eva late last year led to injuries ranging from slight to severe afflicting the ship’s four crewmen. The crew member with the most severe injuries was Ryan Barcot, for whom 75 percent of his body was burnt. The worst of his burns were as severe as fourth degree, and he will require skin grafts to recover fully.

The fire erupted the morning of December 1 and quickly engulfed the entire boat, including thousands of pounds of shrimp on board. Barcot faced a harrowing and seemingly eternal struggle to reach a hospital, requiring a two and a half hour wait for the Coast Guard helicopter to reach Barcot and his fellow crewmen.

Occupations requiring a long time at sea present a compounded risk for serious injury or death for workers. Thanks to the Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, victims of injuries on commercial boating vessels can petition for compensation for their injuries.

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