This Mom Has One Warning for Parents After Nearly Losing Her Daughter

Dad and pretty little daughter in the parkAfter this mother nearly lost her 6-year-old daughter in a car accident, she has a safety warning for parents everywhere. The message is simple: make sure your child is strapped into a booster seat, and make sure it fits.

“It takes two seconds to put a booster seat in the car and to strap your child in,” she said in a recent interview with TODAY. “It is going to save somebody.”

Her daughter was sitting in her father’s car behind an ordinary seatbelt when the accident happened. The dad had forgotten the seat, and was doing his best to make due. Later, when the car veered off the road and crashed into a tree, the seatbelt dug into the girl’s torso and seriously injured her.

Fortunately, after weeks in the hospital and a major surgery, this young girl could return to her family safely, but not all families are so lucky in these accidents.

Why Are Car Seats So Important in a Car Accident?

Without a booster seat the belt crosses the child’s stomach rather than resting on the shoulder and hip bones where it belongs. This means that if a crash happens the belt either won’t properly keep the child in place or will dig into their body and cause harm.

Putting the belt behind the child’s back, as some parents do, will not solve this problem. The only safe protection is to secure your child in a booster seat that fits them properly. There are guidelines available for understanding which type of booster you will need for which ages groups.

Car accidents are unfortunately part of life, and when the worse happens everyone wants to know that their child has all the protections they possibly can. Heed this mother’s warning, and never let your child ride without a car seat, no matter how short the drive.

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