Motorcycle Accident Advice: Preventing Injuries

Motorcycle safety tips can save your life!Traveling by motorcycle involves more risk that traveling by car. To adjust for this, bikers must take precautions other drivers do not need to take. Preventing injuries to the greatest degree possible comes down to identifying the most dangerous situations you’re likely to encounter and either preparing for them or avoiding them completely. Here’s how to do both.

Preventing Injuries on a Motorcycle

  • Wear protective gear – Our bodies didn’t evolve to go much faster than 25mph. When you’re riding a motorcycle, this is all too clear. Many states legally require bikers to wear helmets, and for just cause. Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of fatal injury by 37 percent in a motorcycle crash. Outside of a helmet, invest in a pair of motorcycle gloves, a motorcycle jacket and pants, and motorcycle boots.
  • Adjust to conditions – Poor weather can make roads slippery, requiring slower speeds. It doesn’t matter how catlike your reflexes may be, you will need extra time to react to unexpected situations in inclement weather. When turning, reduce speeds even more than usual, and try to stay as upright as possible.
  • Be a defensive driver – Other reckless motorists cause motorcycle accidents just as often as motorcyclists do. Because you’re at a greater risk of injury on a bike, you must be especially vigilant. Scan traffic ahead of you, and check your rear-view mirrors for speeding vehicles approaching.

Riding a motorcycle can be a blast. With that in mind, don’t get carried away with how much fun you’re having. The faster you’re going, the less control you’ll have. As long as you use good judgment, however, you will safely enjoy riding wherever you please. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, consider consulting an experienced attorney.

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