Why We Must Work Together to Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents

Join Galloway Jefcoat in stopping distracted driving accidentsWe recently wrote a blog on why distracted driving is incredibly dangerous. More can be said about the dangers of distracted driving. Victims do not always survive and often leave behind grieving family members who will have to live with the fact their loved ones died from a preventable tragedy. Their stories are important to discuss if we are going to fully grasp why we must work together to prevent distracted driving accidents.

The father of a College Station resident (where Texas A&M University is located) is pleading for an end to texting and driving after losing his 20-year-old son. According to the father, his son was going for a jog when he was hit and killed by a distracted driver. We can learn a lot from what this grieving father had to say to local press outlets.

The father said that he did not want his son to become a “statistic” used to point out the dangers of distracted driving. Instead, he wants people to remember what happened to his son before using a smartphone behind the wheel. He makes a great point, and we should always remember to discuss the individual people who are affected by distracted driving accidents. This man’s story shows us why using a smartphone while driving is incredibly selfish.

How Neaux Distractions Is Working to Make Lafayette Safer

Neaux Distractions can help keep Lafayette safeLafayette has its own distracted driving problem that we must work together to fix. Let’s ensure tragedies like the one that occurred in College Station do not happen here in Lafayette.

Galloway Jefcoat’s Neaux Distractions campaign offer participants free anti-distracted driving bumper stickers and the chance to receive a free DriveID device throughout February. DriveID can block social media, internet browsing and text messaging while driving. For more information on how to participate and for tips on how to stay focused while driving, come visit Galloway Jefcoat on Facebook.


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