Do I Need a Lawyer if I Am Hit by a Repeat Drunk Driver?

The people of McKinney exhaled a collective sigh of relief upon the arrest of William Weir, a 54-year old man charged with intoxication assault with a vehicle, possession of marijuana and driving without a license. This was not Weir’s first offense; he has been arrested for DWI twice before, public intoxication nearly a dozen times, and four times before for possession of marijuana.

Weir’s drunken joyride ended in a jail cell after he hit a 9-year old girl, who had just been treated to chocolate cake from a local bakery. The girl suffered a concussion resulting in a seizure, and she was airlifted to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. She was treated and went home shortly after, healthy and free of broken bones.

The intoxicated assault occurred in an area frequented by children, prompting local parents and businesses to call for more stop signs and crosswalks.

What Kind of Increased Penalties Are There for Repeat DWIs?

When a repeat drunk driver hits you, the state will likely bring criminal charges against the driver. Penalties for DWI in Louisiana often include jail time and fines, and they range in severity based on several factors, including whether there were prior offenses, blood alcohol content, the age of the driver or if a minor was in the car.

However, if you suffer injuries as a result of the incident, it is up to you to pursue legal action. The state is only interested in the criminal aspect of the case, not you or your family’s pain; you must seek out your own attorney to sue the driver for damages to your body or property. You do not have to wait until the criminal proceedings are over, because they are completely separate from your case. The best course of action is to speak with an experienced attorney immediately following the accident, to ensure that your voice is heard before the time limit to file a claim expires.

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