New Smart Phone Apps Can Encourage Safe Driving Practices

Work together to stop preventable accidentsUber and Lyft are not the only apps that can help improve driving safety. New apps being developed every year are finding incredibly clever ways to reduce the chances of being involved in an accident.

For example, a team of students at New York University’s Abu Dhabi branch made international headlines for creating a clever app that serves as a ‘safe driving assistant’. RoadWatch warns motorists of hazards such as crashes, emergency vehicles and traffic congestion. This app can use GPS to warn drivers they are speeding or swerving. It can even measure the fatigue level of drivers by working with smartwatches and measuring heart rate.

Unfortunately, this app is still in development, and only for use in the United Arab Emirates. It does serve as a perfect example for how apps and technology are working to make driving safer for everyone.

In the United States, similar apps can encourage safe driving practices. Drive Safe Mode prevents drivers from texting or checking email. Parents who use this for their children will be notified if the app is switched off. For professionals and adults, Live2Txt blocks emails and text messages, but autoreplies with a message when users are driving.

Safe Driving Practices Save Lives

Ask any parent and they would likely agree their worst nightmare is getting a late night phone call from the police that their child has been injured or killed in a car accident. Practicing safe driving methods can help prevent bad habits from forming (such as texting and driving), which may one day save lives.

It is interesting to watch how technology is evolving to help keep us safe while driving. Expect future blog updates on how new technologies can improve driver safety.


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