Are Obstacle Races Unsafe for Runners?

Electronic cigarettes can cause permanent injuriesMore than a dozen people were injured due to structural issues at the Warrior Dash obstacle race near Baton Rouge. The race is an annual event where runners race across large obstacles and structures. Law enforcement has reported that there were more than 20 people climbing on a large wooden dome obstacle when it suddenly collapsed.

According to Acadian medical responders, 11 people were rushed to the hospital after the accident. Others, who sustained more minor injuries, transported themselves to medical care. Three participates were airlifted because of more severe injuries.

Investigations into the cause of the accident are still underway, but it appears that the framework of the dome was not properly enforced to hold the necessary number of participants.

Are Obstacle Races Unsafe for Runners?

The accident has sparked a conversation about whether or not these races are really safe. Two people died in another Warrior dash a few years back from heat exhaustion, and another young man was paralyzed after trying to dive into one of the courses’ mud pits.

Obstacle races are becoming extremely popular in American. These events, which were relatively uncommon only a decade ago are now springing up everywhere. Many races contain extreme challenges, such as jumping over fire, crawling through mud and even climbing over barbed wire fences. While the intense nature of the race might be part of the competition, some are now worried that the creators of these events are not doing their part to ensure the safety of the contestants.

Hopefully, these injured participants will recover safety. The community should view this incident as an opportunity to have a serious discussion about how to keep these events safe and fun for those who participate.

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