Injured by Defective Oil Drilling Equipment?

Louisiana Oil Rig Injury Attorneys Protect Victims’ Rights

Did defective oil equipment cause your injury? If so, then a product liability attorney at our firm may be able to help you.

If you were injured while working in the oil industry, then you need to know who is responsible for your injury. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your injury, several different parties could be responsible. The makers of defective equipment and negligent employers who failed to replace out-of-date tools and machines could be liable. If any negligence caused your oil rig injury, then you may be eligible to pursue recovery for your losses. Our Louisiana oil rig injury attorneys can help you identify all parties that contributed to your injury and can fight for your right to a fair recovery.

At Galloway Jefcoat, Attorneys at Law, we understand maritime law and how it applies to oil workers. Our offshore and onshore accident attorney, Rusty Galloway, is a former roughneck and mud engineer in the oil industry. Thus, our law firm understands that sites frequently violate safety codes by not replacing old equipment. With our hands-on experience, we work to protect the rights of injured oil workers and their families. We know maritime law regulations that affect the industry and can tell when site managers act negligently. Every maritime employee deserves to operate in a safe working environment. If negligence is to blame for your accident, then we want to defend your rights to compensation for your oil rig injury claim.

How Does Negligence Affect Equipment?

Oil rigs can be a dangerous work environment when defective equipment or negligent practices create unnecessary risks. Sloppy upkeep, lazy repairs and rushed jobs can result in unfortunate and preventable accidents. For example, a machine may be improperly guarded, electrical wiring may be faulty, and/or safety policies may be inadequate. Additionally, defective lifts and elevators, safety restraint failure and faulty guardrails can injure even the most attentive worker. Our Lafayette law firm can scrutinize every detail of your accident to identify what parties contributed to your injury. If you can establish the following, then you may be able to prove your case after an accident involving defective equipment:

  • Injury: Depending on the circumstances, it may be enough to prove simply that the equipment caused your injuries. If a manufacturing or design defect caused the injury, then negligence may not factor into your claim. If the injury results in death, a loved one may file a wrongful death lawsuit.
  • Equipment Failure: Our firm can help you draft and file claims that identify how a product failed. It may be defective or the instructions lack proper warnings and directions.
  • Equipment Use: If you used the equipment as instructed, you may be eligible for a personal injury claim. However, if you used the equipment incorrectly or against company policy, then you may be barred from filing.

What Should I Do After an Oil Rig Accident?

After an oil rig accident caused by equipment defects, your first priority should be getting medical attention. In most cases, you will be able to file an insurance claim to recover compensation. However, insurance adjusters are paid to get a settlement that is in their company’s best interest, not yours. Be very cautious of the documents you sign after an injury at work.

We recommend speaking with an attorney before you sign anything, especially a release from an insurance company. You could be limiting the benefits you can recover by signing such a document. However, you should report the injury to your employer and file an accident report to get the injury on record.

Next, seek medical assistance as soon as you can, if you have not already seen a doctor. Your employer may question the severity of your injury if you wait too long to have a doctor check it. If possible, take photos of the accident scene, including the potentially defective equipment. It is important that you act quickly because witness memory fades and details can easily become lost. As soon as you can, contact our defective oil rig equipment attorney so our team of professionals can investigate. We can use our resources and dependable experts to pursue a swift and favorable outcome.

Hurt by Defective Oil Rig Equipment? Call Our Louisiana Oil Rig Injury Attorneys

Has the negligence of someone else caused equipment defects or unsafe working conditions? Do you think you may be able to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit after losing a loved one in an oil rig accident? Questions about your product liability claim? Oil rig accidents can result in pain and suffering, catastrophic injury and even wrongful death. If you are facing these difficulties, then our law firm can help you get the recovery compensation you deserve.

Our defective oil rig equipment attorneys are respected because of their diligent and genuine service. We know what it takes to file a strong claim because we have worked in the industry. At no cost to you, we can review the details of your accident and let you know how we can help. Since 1996, we have been protecting the rights of hard-working maritime employees in Louisiana. Contact our Lafayette office at 337-984-8020 or call our Lake Charles office at 337-888-4357.