Offshore Accident Near Lake Charles, Louisiana?

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Call a Lake Charles Oil Rig Injury Lawyer for a Free ConsultationWorking in the maritime industry can be dangerous when oil companies and other employers neglect safety standards. Natural gas wells, offshore oil rigs and sea vessels all offer their unique challenges and own set of harsh conditions. Usually, when an accident does happen, workers in this industry are too far away to receive medical treatment from first responders or emergency care. As a result, oil field and offshore workers face one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs in the world. Offshore and oil rig injuries have become frighteningly common and increasingly damaging. Our Lake Charles oil rig injury lawyer knows the laws and steps to protect maritime workers.

At Galloway Jefcoat, Attorneys at Law, we know how serious an offshore or oil rig injury can be. We also know how important recovery is after a tragedy. Do not let the challenges of an oil field drilling accident prevent you from seeking recovery. Our maritime injury lawyers know how to use existing laws and regulation to protect you as a survivor. One of our attorneys even has experience working in the oil industry, so we know what kind of negligence typically causes these serious and fatal accidents. Through passionate representation and creative thinking, we can help you reach a swift and satisfactory settlement.

What Are Common Examples of Oil Rig Injuries in Lake Charles?

An oil rig accident can cause a wide range of life-altering catastrophic personal injuries. Additionally, some common offshore injuries, like audio trauma, are less likely to appear in other personal injury claims. No matter the injury, there may be a path to recovery through a legal claim. Our Lake Charles oil rig injury lawyer is experienced with defending survivors’ rights in maritime accidents. We have the reputation with the courts to avoid as much litigation and red tape as possible.

Some common offshore injuries that we may be able to pursue for a favorable verdict include:

  • Burns: Oil rigs are at risk for fire and explosions. However, hot machinery, dangerous fluids and mishandled flammable materials commonly result in burn claims.
  • Eye and Ear Injuries: Many of the materials involved in offshore drilling can cause eye damage. Furthermore, regular exposure to loud machinery may result in permanent hearing loss. Our offshore injury attorney can seek compensation for your ability to work or reduction in quality of life.
  • Slip and Fall Injuries: Ships, platforms and docks are high risk for slip and fall accidents. These can cause broken bones, spinal cord damage and other injuries. Contractors, owners and employers all working in the same space can make the situation complicated. Through creative investigation, our Lake Charles maritime injury lawyer can identify who contributed to your slip or fall.
  • Amputation: Losing a limb brings long-term care and countless changes to your daily routine. If an offshore accident causes you to lose function of an appendage, we can pursue the party responsible.
  • Brain Injury: A traumatic brain injury will affect the rest of your life. If an oil rig accident has left you or someone you love with impaired cognitive functions, we can help.

What Is Maritime Law?

Accidents that involve docks and oil rigs are often deadly. Unfortunately, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that oil and gas extractions companies have a high fatality rate. Offshore drilling workers have a fatality rate seven times higher than all other industries. While fatalities are lower near the Gulf of Mexico, injuries and accidents are common across the Louisiana coast.

Maritime law has specific rules and laws in place to protect employees in these situations. These protections separate seaman and maritime workers on vessels from those that work near the shore. Both groups are protected by regulations that govern U.S. and international contracts.

In general, maritime workers are protected with laws that include provisions for personal injury, maintenance and cure, and piracy. These laws exist to ensure that all maritime employers operate seaworthy vessels and safe work environments. Oil industry workers may qualify as maritime employees, depending on the type of oil rig or vessel you work on. For example, a mobile oil rig may be a vessel according to maritime law, but only when it is moving.

Provisions include transportation, wages, medical serves and lodging for the length of a voyage. Maritime law states that a ship’s owner is responsible for safety. Unlike most occupations, injured seamen are not traditionally eligible to receive workers compensation. However, a ship’s owner or other third party may have contributed to your injury. With a creative and passionate offshore injury attorney, you may identify additional avenues of recovery.

Hurt or Lose a Loved One in an Oil Accident? Call a Lake Charles Oil Rig Injury Lawyer

Did you lose a loved one to a fatal oil rig injury? Has an oil field drilling accident resulted in a permanent or temporary disability? If so, then do you have questions about how maritime law applies to your accident? Concerned about workers compensation and third party claims? Even if you have received a settlement offer, our Lake Charles oil rig injury lawyer may be able maximize your compensation. With so many medical expenses, do not settle for less. You deserve to have fair representation. No matter how simple or complex your accident seems, we can help.

If you have survived an injury or illness while working on or around the water, then Galloway Jefcoat, Attorneys at Law is here for you. From wrongful death to personal injury, our firm has been defending the rights of victims for over 20 years. Call our Lafayette office today at 337-984-8020 or through our website for a free initial consultation. Depending on the details of your case, we may offer a contingency fee arrangement, so you do not pay us until we win your case.