Hurt in a Pipeline Accident?

Oil Field Injury Lawyers Set Things Right

Picture of a welder working on a pipelineIn just three years, there were 1,400 pipeline accidents and spills in the United States, according to the Wall Street Journal. These accidents can cause hundreds of injuries and deaths, both from the force of explosions and the release of toxic materials into the air.

Gas companies attempt to frame these as just “unfortunate accidents”, but this is rarely the case. If gas companies had followed federal laws and OSHA regulations, these accidents would not have occurred. Negligent companies must be responsible for harm and damage they cause.

Our firm knows all about the serious injuries inflicted upon workers in the oil and gas industry. Firm partner Rusty Galloway worked on an oil rig as both a roughneck and a mud engineer. He understands the regulations that oil sites must obey, including the physical components of the oil rig construction and the chemical compounds of the mud mix. If an oil and gas injury hurt you or killed a loved one, his team can find out what went wrong. Our law firm in Lafayette has the experience and resources to handle cases from all over southern Louisiana, including Calcasieu Parish, Lake Charles and Sulphur.

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Pipeline Accidents?

Injuries from pipeline accidents are often severe, and they may affect a victim’s physical and mental abilities. An injured worker may not be able to return to the same position, or even the same industry, that he or she held before the accident occurred. Workers’ comp can partially compensate for these lost opportunities.

Workers’ comp will cover a portion of the wages you lost from work and medical bills related to the accident. This is true regardless of fault. If you were injured while working on a maritime vessel, maintenance and cure will provide for medical costs and basic living expenses until you reach “maximum medical improvement.” This means you have recovered to the fullest extent possible within the confines of your injury.

Keep in mind that workers’ comp is not your only option. If your attorney can prove that your employer’s negligence (or the negligence of a third party, such as an equipment manufacturer) played a role in the accident, you could file a personal injury lawsuit against them.