Does the Oil and Gas Industry Lead the US in Severe Injuries?

Photo of Oil industryRecently, the Energy & Environment News (E&E News) website, which covers energy industry news, published numbers from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) concerning severe oil and gas worker injuries. According to the OSHA data, from 2015-2016, there were more severe injuries in the oil and gas industry than in any other field in the US.

What Does OSHA Consider to Be a Severe Injury?

Per OSHA standards, severe injuries include any injury that leads to hospitalization or loss of a limb. This can range from serious burn injuries to broken bones to traumatic brain injuries. Of the oil and gas worker injuries OSHA’s findings were based on, the most common injuries were amputations, which mostly involved the loss of fingers or fingertips. Following that, the next most common injury was a broken leg.

As for causes of oil and gas worker injuries, most occurred because a body part, usually a finger, was caught in a piece of equipment. Other common severe injury causes included explosions, falls, fires and being struck by objects. The majority of the severe injuries in the oil and gas industry involved contractors onsite to build, frack, drill and cement wells.

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