Overtime Victory For Workers: Halliburton Must Pay $18.3 Million

Picture of a truck driver making a callProtecting the interests of workers in every industry is important, and in Louisiana it is especially important that the rights of oil field and oil rig workers are protected. That is why Halliburton must pay $18.3 million to workers who were short changed by an oversight.

Why Halliburton Must Pay $18.3 Million

The U.S. Labor Department started an investigation back in December of 2011. The investigation was part of a compliance initiative that was expected to last several years, and would inspect what workers were paid and how long they worked. The case is still ongoing, but at this stage the labor department is moving forward on many of their discoveries.

What Did The Investigation Find?

The government agency found that 1,016 employees had been misclassified as exempt from overtime, and had not been properly paid. Now the oil giant is correcting the statuses of these workers and issuing back pay. It is estimated that 160 Louisiana workers are owed some $2.5 million for their overtime work.

“The company re-classified the identified positions, and throughout this process, Halliburton has worked earnestly and cooperatively with the U.S. Department of Labor to equitably resolve the situation,” says a spokesperson for Halliburton. However, many people are wondering what other mistakes could be found as the Labor Department continues its investigations.

Sometimes even employers don’t know when they are neglecting their employees, and that is why it is important to stand up and be heard. Bringing awareness to the conditions you and your fellow employees work under can go a long way to ensure that your rights as workers are recognized. Bringing a lawsuit against these employers can also help spread the word of employee rights. Check out our employer negligence page for more information, and keep following our blog for more tips and news.

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