Why Hire Our Law Firm

Lafayette Personal Injury Attorneys Offer Experience and Success

Personal injury attorneys Rusty Galloway and John Jefcoat, Lafayette natives and lifelong friends, opened the doors to the law firm in 1996. Since then, they have had tremendous success in representing over 1,000 different personal injury cases that involve serious accidents and injuries.

Our success and decades of experience representing the injured with a hands-on approach gave our firm a reputation for providing personalized, dedicated and aggressive legal service. We have a strong record of success serving Lafayette, Lake Charles, Sulphur and Calcasieu Parish residents.

Why Choose Our Personal Injury Attorneys to Represent Your Injury Case

Our law firm offers many advantages for victims of personal injury and family members grieving a wrongful death, such as:

  1. No up-front fees. We work on a contingency fee basis for all personal injury claims. Thus, you do not owe us any attorney fees until the conclusion of a successful case.
  2. Thorough investigation of your case. We work with professional team of investigators, medical experts, accident reconstructionists and other experts to determine liability for accidents and injuries.
  3. Firsthand industry experience. Founding partner Rusty Galloway worked on offshore oil rigs as a young man. Therefore, he can determine when a manager’s negligence and violation of regulations contributed to the accident. He can also explain to injured oil field workers their options for recovery. Workers’ comp lawyer Robert M. Martina used to work for workers’ comp insurance providers. Because of this, he can give injured workers an advantage when they apply for benefits.
  4. Assistance throughout your recovery. We will meet with you once a month to make sure your healthy recovery is proceeding as it should. We can even refer you to the best surgeons in the area, help you schedule MRIs and coordinate doctor visits.
  5. When you hire us, we work for you. We will come to you if injuries have left you in the hospital or unable to leave your home. All clients are encouraged to bring their family so that everyone is informed about the status of your case.
  6. Aggressive representation. If the defense refuses to offer a fair settlement, we will take them to court. Rusty Galloway has no problem arguing your case with passion and aggression in court to get you the results you deserve.
  7. We always look for improvement. Even though we have decades of successful experience, our attorneys attend conferences like the AAJ conference each year to improve our skills and learn about new methods and technology.
  8. Lafayette locals. We were born and raised here, and our practice has been based in Lafayette since 1996. We understand how the local and state courts operate. Thus, we know the best ways to obtain successful results Louisiana’s legal system.
  9. Assistance for Spanish-speakers. Holly Lamarche and Rusty Galloway are both bilingual and can represent Spanish-speaking clients in personal injuries, workplace injuries and oil rig accidents. We also have fluent, bilingual staff members in the office.

Call for Free Attorney Advice about Personal Injuries and Wrongful Death

If you want to learn more about our law firm and how we can help, contact one of our personal injury attorneys. You can submit a confidential contact form, or call us today at (337) 984-8020. Victims and their families need strong advocates fighting on their behalf, and our lawyers are here for you.